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All sessions last 50 minutes and are $140 per session.


Individual counseling is a unique experience that allows you the opportunity to take a deeper look at yourself, your thoughts, behaviors, and the subsequent outcomes. Taking the time to understand your true motivations and unhealthy lifelong patterns can be incredibly empowering. While change is inevitable, the insight and clarity gained through this process often lead clients to substantially improved outcomes across the board.

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Individual Therapy

Couples counseling helps partners feel emotionally connected with each other. When couples struggle with emotional and physical intimacy, it may be caused by fears of rejection, inadequacy, miscommunication, resentment, past history of trauma, feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Couples counseling can help couples start talking openly, learn the language of intimacy, connect emotionally, become more affectionate, spontaneous, creative, and playful with each other which may lead to passion, sexual desire, and overall satisfaction.

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Couples Counseling

You can benefit from fertility-specific counseling if you are an individual or a couple undergoing fertility treatments (IUIs and IVFs), coping with miscarriage, or even exploring alternative options to grow your family, like infant/child adoption or surrogacy. Perhaps you need to talk through considerations like third party reproduction, becoming a single mother by choice (SMC), embryo adoption – or choosing a childfree life.

Regardless of where you are on your reproductive journey, fertility counseling is an important resource that will help you by providing you with the tools you need to navigate the emotions that come up along the way so you can thoughtfully explore the options to grow the family that is right for you.

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Fertility Counseling
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